Everyone was doing follow forevers and I thought I should make one too. These blogs are basically people I talk to and people who post really really good stuff. There are more blogs that I love A LOT, so if I didn’t include you, doesn’t mean I don’t love you!

lubetip 💚 mullinger 💚 17british 💚 treasurenialland 💚 futuremrpayne 💚 coronaniall 💚 craiciswhack 💚 that-irish-mofo 💚 wolvergasm 💚 nialling911 💚 noshirtnoblouse 💚 bumblingniall 💚 irishd 💚 studsheeran 💚 slylou 💚 irishwhiteboy 💚 londonsirishcrew 💚 blowingniall 💚 spankmeniall 💚 malabamibitch 💚 niallclimax 💚 nointerrruption 💚 banginbandboys 💚 zynmilk 💚 onedirectiondukedom 💚 skytopniall 💚 whoranie 💚 fuckingnialll 💚 souljapayne 💚 dirtsbag 💚 fcukharry

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    AW THANK U SO MUCH ILY!!! :-)))))
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    WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE PICTURE OMFG but thank you baby ilysm
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    actually it does mean that she doesnt love you ha ha
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