New years sex!!

We just finished the countdown and kissed. Me and Y/N, we didn’t have any plans so we spent it together. I look to my right and see the most beautiful y/e/c eyes ever. Her ponytail shining on the side of her shoulder, can I not forget the most sexiest legs ever laying on my lap.

She’s purposely seducing you Niall, quit it!!! I feel my dick growing hard…real hard against the back of her thigh.  God, I need those legs between me soo badly! It’s killing me, my cock just needs that tight little pussy of hers. She’s not a virgin, and neither am I. Relationship for 5 months? I think I’ve been patient.

I slowly play with her basketball shorts, pulling them higher. I’ve noticed she looked down…not moving her head and let out a sigh. A long sigh, I guess that means yes.   I moved her chin towards my lips and kissed it, ever so gently. ”I know how you feel when I kiss you like that y/n, you are just so damn gorgeous.”   I kissed her cheek, then to her neck. My left hand caressing her thigh while my right goes to that fucking ass of her.

“Damn, I love your ass y/n” I whispered. I took her earlobe, hearing a unexpected moan from those irresistible lips. Still squeezing at her bum, I feel a hand creep to the button of my jeans and towards my fly. I feel like such a horny jerk! We haven’t even talked about it yet…

“OK, stop!” I practically shouted, Nice going Niall you’re a real charmer. Y/n’s eyes widened, those eyes…I see her lips moving bringing me back to reality. “…I mean Niall I know you were a virgin, but I really want to do this with you!” she said “I’m so sorry y/n I just wanted to make sure you were okay with this, and I’m not a virgin” I winked, making her and myself exited.

I took her bum, carrying her while her legs around my waist, heels tugging at my shirt and arms at my shoulder. We were both smiling and giggling, nose to nose. Gosh! Her laugh was amazing.  She kissed my cheek and somehow for no reason at all, I was tomato red. It’s like us on our first date at the carnival, the ferris wheel and the cotton candy…..But before I could continue to daydream, Y/N pulled off my shirt and was tugging at my pants.

“Eager are we?” Y/N didn’t stop “You’re the one who dosed off” very true, I wasn’t really paying attention to the most beautiful girl in the world. Y/N lies on the bed, her hair on either side of the pillow. I swear her hair brings utter sweetness into the world. That smooth skin that I finally longed to touch. Her wet center is absolutely dripping. “You ready hun?” Y/N said. Her voice gave me a boner that could cut grass. We are now bare naked, and all we could do is kiss, lick and touch. Y/n finally reached for the condom on the nightstand and ripped the foil out for me. I took it and smiled warmly at her, putting it on. ”Princess…” I whispered, sounding a bit nervous. “Yes Niall….” She stuttered, she needed me in her, I nedded to be inside that pussy.

“I just love you so much…” I looked at her, not moving any single part of my body and just looked. Her eyes just glowed through the lights and just made a blushy smile. I chuckled pressed my body lightly to hers. Y/N sighed a I’m-ready-get-in-me-now sigh and I pushed in her making us both gasp in pleasure. It was nothing like I had imagined, nothing like my rough masturbations. It was better. Amazing, heavenly and beautiful. I wanted nothing more but to make love to Y/N. And I did, I was so happy. My goal now was to make her happy, satisfied and happy.

I started going faster and all she could do is moan and grunt like crazy, I’m rubbing her clit in circles and she looks like she just lost it. But really she was kinda shocked and was looking at me wierdly. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, you just make a funny sex face” she giggled and I started pacing continuously in and out. Like a race….”HOLY FUCKK NIALLLL, OHHH” I put my hands on either side of her head and try my best to work my pace a bit more. “Your pussy is sooo….fucking t-tight Y/n” I managed to say

She started screaming, it was unexpecting but I loved it! “F-fuck me niall, fuck me t-till I cant walkk!!!!!” she sounded like she was losing her breath. I kissed her neck for a minute, leaving a love bite and sweetly kissed her lips. Then I started to pound! Pound and worked like I’ve never done before. “Oh shit baby…..oh ffuuuckkkk Y/n!!!” I grunted, I put my hand back in rubbing her clit and by the looks of her face she was there, and so was I. Y/n started counting as if she read my mind “One…….T-TWOO!!……” that’s it she couldn’t say anything else. Three was the work when she screamed her lungs out and we both let out our liquids.

I sticked my sweaty body with hers, absolutely breathless. I rolled out and she looked at me…almost worried. “What’s…….wrong love?” i asked still breathless “D-did you like it Niall?” I looked at her suprised, did she not enjoy it, or was she in pain?? “Did I hurt you Y/n?!? I’m s-sooo sorry I thought you like it!” “I loved it, I was wondering if you liked it….” i sighed and took out the condom and threw it. I went back to the bed where she was lying…again sweaty. 

“It was the best new years sex ever!! And I’m not kidding with you on that” I said in a different tone. She laughed again, the one that makes me smile wide. She scooted in closer and out her head in my chest. “Happy New Years Nialler…I love you.” She looked up and I said the same. Perfect way to start the year. is my fanfic blog, while
Is my other, personal blog :)

Sharon xx

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